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Circuit Training

Your favourite classic class is obviously going to make an appearance... what would we do without it! Circuit doesn't just focus on one specific area, it is an all round workout. Instructors will chop and change routines so the classes are unpredictable (and will have different benefits per session).

Hit 'Em Low

Targeting the lower half of your body, you will focus on certain key areas that will make the little things in day-to-day life far easier. It could be as little as running for your bus, to improving balance when carrying multiple bags. In addition it improves body toning, and strengthens lower muscular groups.      

- Quads, Hammies, Glutes, Calves...      

- Core      

- Body balance      

- Toning

Intense Interval Training

Let's get it!

You will exercise to an intensity that leads your body into burning more calories in a shorter amount of time, than most other known classes. HIIT has a lasting affect... you will be burning calories long after the class has ended. If you just feel like you have energy to burn... join this session.      

- Calorie burning.      

- Speeds up metabolism, in turn you will continue to burn fat hours after end of workout.      

- Body toning.      

- Improves breathing regularity, and reduces blood sugar.

Belly Burn

This class pays special attention to your midriff, targetting and strengthening the abdominal muscle group. Though emphasis is placed on training the stomach muscles, it is all in vain should you not have worthy core strength. We incorporate many 'core' exercises to improve: body strength, power and stability.      

- Calorie burning.      

- Abdominal muscle development, and Toning.      

- Core work.      

- Improves body balance, stability and power.


Taking it back to the foundation of exercise, this extremely effective method is based on military style exercises and functional training. In turn having a multitude of benefits. The exercise regimes carried out helps improve your daily physical movements/activities, and also targets the cardiovascular system. Let's Go!

- Calorie burning/Weight loss.

- Strengthening the body.

- Lean muscle Building and Toning.

- Improves body balance.

- Increases physical endurance.

Box Fitness

This class is based on exercise methods used for boxing. Focusing on cardio, you will burn calories via a number of fitness drills.      

- Burning calories.      

- Muscle Toning.      

- Core work.      

- Improves hand-eye co-ordination. Note: Training Gloves/Mitts will be provided for your first session, thereafter you are asked to organise a pair.

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Pump It Up

If being lean, toned and increasing general strength is on your wish list, look no farther. With the use of barbells and other proven exercises, you go through a mixed workout regime that helps you reach this goal... fast!      

- Strengthening.      

- Improves your core.      

- Targets multiple muscle groups      

- Calorie and fat burning

- Tones the entire body

C.S.T Fitness

CST Fitness (Core, Strength & Tone) focuses on muscles that are used in our day-to-day lives. 

Strengthening your core muscles, which improves your 'centre of gravity' (COG).

We'll loosen/strengthen the joints and muscles used daily by enduring a series of exercise. 

Let's have some fun!      

- Improve strength of multiple muscle groups on the body.      

- Develops your core muscles and COG.     

- Calorie and fat burning.

- Build, shape and tone.

Boost The Glutes

In this fun filled exercise class, the primary goal will be to work that booty... and have it looking as good as possible. You will be doing a variety of exercises that target all 3 gluteus muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. Let the progress commence!      

- Muscle development, especially all 3 gluteus muscles.      

- Toning.      

- Calorie burning.

- Secondary effects include: legs toning/building, core work, strength.

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