We don't need for it to be summer to have your beach body prepped... Let's have that good looking stomach all year round so we're ready to go, at any spontaneous holiday or festivity!


C.S.T Fitness

CST Fitness (Core, Strength & Tone) focuses on the entire body, especially those muscles that are used in our day-to-day lives.

Also developing your core muscles, which improves your 'centre of gravity' (COG).

Core strength and muscle is essential for daily life, your body will feel all the more sturdy for it.

- Improves strength of multiple muscle groups on the body.

- Develops your core muscles and COG.

- Calorie and fat burning.

- Build, shape and tone.

Akers Abs

This class pays special attention to your midriff, targetting and strengthening the abdominal muscle group. Though emphasis is placed on training the stomach muscles, it is all in vain should you not have worthy core strength. We incorporate many 'core' exercises to improve: body strength, posture and stability.

- Calorie burning.

- Abdominal muscle development, and Toning.

- Core work.

- Improves body balance, stability and posture.

Quick FIIT

FIIT (Fun Intensity Interval Training) has a lot of benefits.

You will exercise to an intensity that leads your body into burning more calories in a shorter amount of time, far faster than most other known classes. Interval Training has a lasting effect... you will be burning calories long after the class has ended.

If you just feel like you have energy to burn... this is surely for you.      

- Calorie burning.      

- Speeds up metabolism, in turn you will continue to burn calories hours after end of workout.      

- Body toning and sculpting.      

- Improves breathing regularity, and reduces blood sugar.

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