Akers Fitness Ltd

In the following rules set out, use of the words; "us", "we", and "our" pertains to 'Akers Fitness Ltd' trading services. These very words have the same bearing in use of text across the website.

All those who attend Akers Fitness Ltd are to comply. This is for: 'health & safety', the convenience of all attendees, and the efficiency in which the studio (classes) is run.

By booking and attending any class with us, you adhere to the following 'Studio Standards'.

Non-compliance with the rules may lead to being dismissed from, or denied access to the studio. If non-compliance is of a severe nature you may be banished from the studio to protect the safety of others, yourself, and the studio. 



1. You will be participating in high intensity activity, which in turn will increase your heart bpm for the class duration. Should you feel at risk (due to a personal condition, etc) in any way during or prior to booking a class, we strongly advise that you stop immediately/get approval from your Doctor. Also inform us of any condition upon booking an exercise class at Akers Fitness. 

2. If unfamiliar with equipment, ask instruction from the Fitness Instructor for correct use.

3. You are not permitted to attend the studio while under the influence of intoxication, or suffering side effects to it (alcohol, drugs, or otherwise).

4. Appropriate, non-offensive exercise clothing is to be worn while in attendance of any variation of workout at Akers Fitness.

5. Pets are not permitted on the premises (unless it is a Guide dog, or a pet to aid a disability).

6. You must be aged 16 or over, to participate in classes. 


1. Class timetables, and Fitness Instructors are subject to change without notice, just so long as customers are not financially compromised. 

2. To help maintain customer satisfaction, we ask that you arrive a minimum of five minutes before your class start time. Those who arrive more than 5 minutes late may be denied access to that particular class, to: help provide an undisturbed service to other attendees in session, and ensure everyone gets a proper warm up.  

3. You can book a class 10 days in advance prior to attending (via the website or MINDBODY app) to ensure your place in the desired class.  

4. Customers must give a minimum of 6 hours notice in advance when cancelling their scheduled class. If Akers Fitness Ltd receives due notice, a full refunded class credit will be issued to the involved customer. Whether you are on a 'fitness class bundle', or 'pay as you go', or other.... should you not give us correct notice, there will be a cost of a class credit late-cancellation charge. You are able to book a class up to 1 hour before start time.

5. If the Fitness Instructor by their own discretion feels as if you are threatening the safety and enjoyment of the class, they are permitted to ask you to leave the class (at any point of that session). 

6. Attending multiple exercise classes per day is permitted, as long as you are not jeopardising your health. If you are unsure of your physical limitations, seek professional advice (Doctor, GP, Physician, etc). Akers Fitness Ltd is not liable for physical overexertion, that decision is at your own discretion. 


1. You should conduct yourself in a well-mannered fashion in and around the studio. Behaviour should not hamper the studio use of others.

2. Profane and offensive language will not be tolerated, nor will aggressive and threatening behaviour. Anything influenced by intoxication (cause you to behave inappropriately, etc) is barred from the studio. 

3. Severe consistent breach of studio rules may result in denying you future access to Akers Fitness Ltd.

4. Complaints are to be transmitted confidentially to studio management (verbally delivered, or written).

5. Mutual respect must be shown by everyone, customer and staff member alike.

6. Smoking of any sort is prohibited on any area of the premises.

7. 1 person to a changing/showering cubicle at a time (unless it is a parent/guardian accompanying their child, up to 10years of age).  

8. We ask that you don't make or receive phone calls in studio.

9. Please do not take bags into the studio.

10. We ask you put your litter in bis provided. 

11. Eating is not permitted in studio.



1. You are to adhere to all 'health & safety' requirements set out by the Akers Fitness Ltd.

2. The main entrance is the entry and exit point for all customers (unless otherwise advised by Studio staff).

3. Fire exits are labelled, and must not be tampered with.

4. Should we make a reasonable request due to 'health & safety', you must comply. 





1. You have access to lockers, where available. We advise that you have insurance/cover for your household content and financial belongings. Although we will do our absolute best, we cannot 100% guarantee that damage or theft will not occur and are not liable for this (unless at laxity of Akers Fitness).

2. We strive to keep your possessions as safe as possible inside the locker. Should we have reason to suspect you have offending/unlawful items in a locker, Akers Fitness has the right to open the locker in question (by force, should that be necessary).  

3. You are free to utilise a locker whilst on the premises. Should the locker remain occupied once you exit the premises, we have the right to open and remove your belongings.

4. Pertaining to 'LOCKERS - Part 3': Upon removal from locker, your belongings will be held for 30 days. If not collected within this time, personals aside (Keys, ID, Licences, etc), all will be donated to charity (as is the procedure for 'lost and found').


1. You are not to take photos of other individuals without their consent. we will request that you delete any video footage/picture images should this occur.  

2. You cannot take any form of video/image recording of studio restricted/private areas. If we believe you have taken video footage or imagery in a restricted/private area, we are in our rights to ask to view your recently taken video footage/images (not limited to most recent time, recent dates if necessary).

3. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots taken on our premises for promotional purposes. Nothing will be digitally captured (picture, footage, or otherwise) without obtaining your consent.

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